What's your story?

Eight strings precisely tuned create the four open notes of a mandolin.  Tuning  a pair of strings to produce a single note takes incredible care and attention. Amazingly, when a performer takes to the stage to perform a Bach concerto or a bluegrass jam the audience is often unaware of the care that went into making sure the instrument is pitch perfect.  So much of the hard work that goes into making beautiful music happens off stage. 

This is the approach we take with story telling at 8 String Media - a team of experienced film makers ensuring your ideas and visions are realized and presented with seamless beauty.   

The talented individuals who make up the 8 String Media team have worked extensively nationally and internationally on a wide range of projects including documentaries, music videos, promotional content and nature films. 

We thank you for taking the time to learn about what we do. Please feel free to get in touch.  


The 8 String Media Team